Thursday, 11 June 2009

Smog Alert!

El Nino finally hit Malaysia! The hot weather is expected to last till September this year. Gosh! How I would survive in the deserted Tronoh for the next two months after my internship? I just wish my body will keep fit surviving the erratic weather nowadays.

This hot season also trigger the open fire and causes smog in the affected area. My home in Banting and my workplace in Shah Alam is badly affected with smog and I would not risk myself riding motorcycle to work until I buy a face mask. So, currently I am hijacking my dad's Waja to work. It is school holiday now so I would not mind driving car to work since the road is clear and jam-free. But the smog had ruined the fun of speeding along the wavy route along the Jalan Sukepi dragstrip, Jalan Balam dragstrip and Jalan Kebun dragstrip. The smog limits my visibility and I drove slower than the usual (usually around 120 - 140 km/h).

The driving has become tricky due to limited visibility and some ignorant driver did not switch on their headlights and overtook in smog, causing danger to other motorist. So, I hope they would switch on the headlights especially in the morning where the smog is worst.

As for me, I hope I won't fall sick due to smog and hot weather since I do a lot of works outside. Please drink a lot of water to prevent from dehydration. I just took pictures on my way to work this morning to show to you how worst the air pollution in Banting and Klang. I can't hardly seen the cute school students that are walking to school for extra class during holiday. :P

Telok Datok, today at 7:20 a.m.

Sungai Manggis, few minutes drive from Telok Datok

Jalan Kebun dragstrip, today at 7:45 a.m.

Limited visibility, limited driveability

The smog is so bad till I can't really see their cute faces :P

p/s: Going to OGA (Oil and Gas Asia) today at KL Convention Center. Let see what we can find there.


ezcomeezgo said...

sempat la pulak berenti mengambil gambar..

Muhammad Afiq bin Mohd Sadli said...

kaver nk amek gamba bdak skola tu je sbenonye~ hahahaha~

aizayazid said...

br je nk ckp,
"gile bagos membe aku ni concern ngn environment die"
pas tgk gamba last,
heh!!!hampah la ko!!haha

Muhammad Afiq bin Mohd Sadli said...

oih2, aku mmg concern dgn alam sekitar tau x~ kalo jerebu camtu, aku nk bwk kete pon susa~ medan penglihatan terhad~ bahaye taw~ gamba bdak skola tu selingan jer~ :P

izzie said...

tp gambar jln telok datok n sg manggis yg x berkereta itu hanya dpt dilihat ketika cuti sekolah sahaja. hoho..

Muhammad Afiq bin Mohd Sadli said...

yaaa... arini da jem giler~ plek btol aku~