Friday, 31 July 2009

As if it is as simple as Ctrl+Alt+Del

Imagine this situation happens to your PC/laptop/nettop/watever laa~:

- Program crashes
- The 'good' old BSOD (blue screen of death)
- Power failure

All you can do is to hit Ctrl+Alt+Del and enter the Windows again. If that fails, you can always try System Restore and whalla! It will revert to the old functioning setting again.

Imagine if these happened to you:

- Emotional breakdown
- Was ditched
- Was rejected
- Was being treated like sh*t

And what if you want to have a reset on your personal feeling? Can you easily 'reboot' yourself towards a person you previously hate, detest and dislike? Maaf, forgiveness, pardon is another issue here. You have rebuilt yourself with the new belief and new perception after tripped into a really deep pitfall. Is it easy to change your perception, opinion and perspective towards other person? You will be tangled in the situation wanting you to justify whether it is to hate or not to fall into the same trap again. You will be confused between to stand up on your belief or to rationalize things. Now, you will wish you can easily reboot yourself and wipe out all the grudge you had and be kind to others.

I hope I can easily hit Ctrl+Alt+Del of myself...

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