Monday, 27 July 2009

Chaotic week

Sekadar gambar hiasan

My first week in UTP is unexpectedly chaotic, and that includes most of my colleagues returning from internship program. Thank God that my life in UTP is now currently stabilizing. I just want to share with all of you the chaos last week.

  1. There was issues of clashing classes requiring me to drop some subjects and take another ones. Verdict, I have to drop Electrical Machines II (to give way for final semester students) and HRM (Human Resource Management) for the same reason too. So, I've added Power Electronics II and Strategic Management to make up for the dropped subject.
  2. Some of my friends just started to work on internship final report early of the last week since the due date was on last Friday. To make things worse, the reports sent for hard cover binding were not complying to UTP specifications (applies to EE students). Somehow, I feel sorry for them.
  3. Some of us are still fighting for FYP (Final Year Project) titles since they are very limited. Thankfully, I already have my FYP title. I'll be working together with Lynn on the title The Experimentation & Verification of A New Resonant Gate Driver in High Frequency Converter Circuit under the supervision of Mr. Zaihar.
  4. I have to rework my timetable as there are a lot of changes as opposed to the officially-announced time slots. These includes lecture slots for Power Electronics II, Strategic Management and Malaysian Studies.
And the chaotic week finally ended. I can expect for more civilised chaos (read: getting occupied with FYP and studies related matters throughout the semesters).

p/s: Currently indulging in Sore's latest album, Centralismo. So soothing through the ears.

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