Monday, 6 July 2009

SDAR Open Day 2009

Last Saturday I had my chance to go to the good ol' Seremban to attend SDAR Open Day 2009 at my beloved alma-mater, Sekolah Dato' Abdul Razak. I'm not alone in this trip as my former 5 Al-Razi classmate, Zulfaqar a.k.a Kamek also accompanied me to SDAR. I had to wait for him for almost an hour at Seremban railway station as he was stucked at Labu railway halt for almost 30 minutes! Anyway, it worth the wait dude.

We arrived at SDAR at about 12.30 p.m. The open day was awesome as always! That's the tradition of SDARian since they moved into the new Sg. Gadut campus in 2002. Remembering my tenure in SDAR, I was form 3 during the first year of SDAR in new premise. This year featured the must-have dodol and bahulu baking to go with it. There are a lot of booths that sell food and other merchandise. For the first time, this year's open day invited Bunkface to entertain the visitor. Despite the problematic audio system during performance and mixed responses from the teachers (you know what I mean, hehehe...), I really enjoyed the show as the other SDARians do. I and Kamek managed to meet some of the teachers there like Pn. Khalijah (my BM teacher), Pn. Salmiah (my History teacher), Pn. Norliza (school counselor), Mariana sensei (Japanese language teacher cum my redax advisor back then), Mr. Zaili (my French teacher), Pn. Zainah, Cik Mardiana, Mr. Ibrahim (Pendidikan Seni), Mr. Jalaluddin, Mr. Shahriman Pearl, Ustaz Zaidi, Mr. Sahak (PK HEM), Pn. Norzila (PK) and the principal, Hj. Azam. I had also met the non-academic staff like Kak Limah and Abg. Razi who were busy at dodol department.

Apart from meeting the teachers, non-academic staff and juniors (like Mamsot and the others, sorry guys, I don't recall your names but I never forget your faces) I also take oppurtunity walking around the school like my former class (5R), the dining hall, my dorm (C6 - I would like to apologize the inmates of C6 as I had slept on one of their beds, can't resist the latex matress feel) and the former Redax room (I heard Redax had been disbanded for several issues). It was a refreshing walk for me, I wish I could have more time and was allowed to stay there... huhuh...

I stayed at SDAR until 6.00 p.m. chattering with the students. It was really enjoyable and I congratulate to this year's fivers for the success of organizing such a great event! I hope the next year's fivers will continue the tradition for the next open day in 2010. I would also like to thank to Pn. Zainah for the dodol (frankly, it tastes good and I like the texture very much!) and the teachers and students for the great day out I had in SDAR last Saturday. Thank you and I will never forget this moment after 5 years leaving SDAR. I hope I can come again next year with more Warisan 00'4 batchmate with me. :)

p/s: Blogger encountered problems uploading the photos to the net~ I'll insert the photos later. Haish~

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