Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Meaning of Being a PETRONAS Scholar

  1. You are on your own.
  2. You can't no longer expect your parent to financially assist you.
  3. Spending money on your own needs using the monthly allowance will attract negative connotation from your family.
  4. You will be regarded as a 'rich boy' from your family so you are not worth any of their assistance.
  5. When you are run out of money, you better keep your mouth shut. Or else, you will be nagged at even though you used up all the money for something necessary.
  6. You have to pay your own 'Zakat Fitrah' because you are no longer your parent's responsibility.
  7. You have to be strong facing all of the injustice imposed on you by your parent.
  8. You have to pay for everything you want from your parent while the your other siblings don't.
  9. When you screw up, you will be scolded rather than being asked about the problem causing it to happen by your parent.
  10. You have to have a strong mental or else you will get crazy and screw up with your studies, hahaha~
  11. You don't feel like you are belong to your family anymore. The difference is you have to come back home to avoid from receiving 'anak derhaka' award.
Who says being a PETRONAS is your parent's pride? It is merely an attempt of escape from the responsibility but yet you can't really stand on your own. :)

p/s: Or is it because I am what I am? Maybe my PETRONAS scholar fellows do not face all of this?

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