Sunday, 6 September 2009

PART 1 : Nursing the Two-wheeler - Flat tyres

Yesterday morning I woke up and found this.


Yes, the tyres are flat, both of them. So I pushed the bike for about 800 metres to UTP PETRONAS petrol station located at the main gate. I quickly inflate both tyres (luckily the puncture wasn't so severe) as a temporary measures before went to the workshop to replace the tubes and tires. The repair was done at SRY Motorcyles at Bandar Universiti.

For the tubes, I opted for higher quality tubes (price starts at RM 10 onwards per piece) as the rubber is thicker from the cheaper ones (RM 8 and below). Durability is my primary concern as this bike frequently do long distance journey. So, I would not risk myself choosing the cheap tubes for only few ringgits price difference.

The tyre tubes

Replacing the front tyre tube

Due to budget constraint, I could only replace the rear tyre. My choice is Dunlop TT100. I only choose this tyre for it's intermediate nature that provides sufficient grip on both dry and wet road condition. I will replace the front tyre using the same TT100 tyre next month though.

Installing the new tyre into place

SRY Motorcycles has been my workshop of choice if I want to service my bike at UTP. I also managed to get discount on the parts and services. :)

The bill:

Dunlop TT100 rear tyre : RM 55.00
Rear tube: RM 8.00
Front tube: RM 7.00

TOTAL = RM 70.00

For the next service, my plan is to replace the front tyre and the drivechain. These parts also due for replacements. :)

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