Friday, 14 October 2011

New Rubber Shoes for TakBolehBlah

After 34000 km old, finally the stock donuts decided to give up. So it is time for TakBolehBlah to wear new shoes on all four wheels. With limited budget, my aim is to search for tires that can perform better from the stock factory Continental SportContact1 195/50/R16.

Yokohama A-Drive R1 205/45/R16 sexy-looking tread

After googling through the Internet, I finally decided to take Yokohama A-Drive R1 as my choice. I also decided to choose slightly bigger tire size of 205/45/R16. The hunt begins and it is quite hard to find this tire. Actually the shop did not keep stock of that particular tires but he can source it from a shop in Rawang and get it delivered to his shop. I quickly placed the order as the price is just the same from the shop in KL, minus the travelling to KL so it is a very good deal! The order was placed in the morning and the tire arrived in the afternoon at around 4:30 pm.

Installing the new tires on TakBolehBlah

Finally I managed to get the rubbers from Kedai Dunlop near Jalan Morib. The shop quoted RM260/piece for that tire. The total damage was RM1100 including balancing, alignment and changing to rubber valves on all four wheels. With the tires changed, I can peacefully travel to Penang to attend training in Motorola on Sunday. I will update my simple review on this tire after returning from trip in Penang.



phas3rr said...

bro nk tuka size dr 195 ke 205 perlu tuka rim ke?

Muhammad Afiq bin Mohd Sadli said...

tak perlu~ 205 dgn 195 tak byk beza~ lainlah kalau tukar ke diameter lebih besar, kalo 17 mungkin kne pakai 215 sekurang2nya~