Sunday, 23 October 2011

TakBolehBlah Brake System Upgrades

TakBolehBlah travelled this far before crying for brake upgrades

After the near miss incident during my journey to Penang (read here), the brake pads had worn completely. I cannot stand the metal grinding sound during my stay in Penang. So, I decided to change the brake pads for TakBolehBlah and upgrade the brake system as well. I checked out from Eastin Hotel at 6:30 am and headed to KL for the brake system upgrade.

The worn out Bosch brake pad

I arrived at Zhapalang Motorsports in Kepong at around 11:30 am. Earlier arrangement was made earlier through Lowyat forum and I met with the shop owner, Kent who assisted me with the brake system upgrade. After few negotiations, I agree with the quoted price for the brake upgrades. The items are as follows:

  1. Pro-RS steel braided brake hose
  2. Bendix Metal King Titanium brake pads (front & rear)
  3. Shoji front disc rotors (found the original front rotors were cracked, maybe due to recent incident)
  4. Ferodo DOT4 brake fluid
Ferodo DOT4 brake fluid and Pro-RS steel braided brake hose

Bendix Metal King Titanium brake pads

Shoji front disc rotors

The whole installation work took about two hours and the total damage was RM930. Duh! I guess this time is TakBolehBlah's handling improvement is taking place.

Found a hairline crack on the original stock rotor

The old rotor and rubber brake hose

Nonetheless, on initial drive to KL and Kuala Selangor afterwards in the rain the difference is significant. The brake feedback is more linear and the spongy feeling when braking disappear. I am really satisfied with brake performance and thanks to Zhapalang Motorsports for good and friendly service.

Installing the new disc rotor

I will write a small review on the handling upgrades of TakBolehBlah in the next post. Cheers~ :)

New rotor, new brake pad and new steel braided brake hose

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