Monday, 17 August 2015

Detour Worth Taking

Today I am going to work as usual. But the WhatsApp group is full of chatter about an accident in Kampung Nyiur, Paka which caused a long traffic jam.

Long queue at Durian Mentangau junction

As I am nearing Durian Mentangau, the traffic jam has worsen. After a quick consideration, I have decided to take alternative route via Durian Mentangau, taking a left turn into FELDA Kerteh 2 and 3, then took Jalan Santong to Paka and then arrived in PCOGD.

The distance is 25 km longer (normal distance is 25 km) and the travel time is 10 minutes longer than the usual (normal travel time is 30 minutes). It is not a bad thing either as I do not know how long will I stuck in the traffic congestion if I decided to wait and take the normal route.

Moreover, I get to drive in quite scenic route which has a lot of bends along the way. This is perfect condition to drive my car which is equipped with adjustable suspension and grippy AD08R rubbers providing phenomenal bites when attacking those corners.

Entering FELDA settlement really brings back the memory of my hometown in FELDA Sungai Kelamah, Negeri Sembilan. They looks just the same! I hope my atuk and uwan are doing well at the kampung.

Entering FELDA Kerteh 2 area

After 40 minutes and 50 km of driving, I have safely arrived in PCOGD at around 0850 hrs. Time to get back to work!

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