Sunday, 10 February 2008

Farewell Meng~

I hope my wonderful friend, Yasmin a.k.a Meng had finally touched the soil of UK by now. She is pursuing her study there. I was able to come to KLIA, take some pictures with her and say farewell to her. It was very short meeting as her rombongan were needed to move to the departure hall as early as 9.30 pm last night. Her flight was scheduled to be on 11.55 pm on the same night. So, I hope she will do well there, blaja rajen2 ok. Kalo nk bg souvenir tu amatlah dialu2kn~ Huahahaha~ Anyway, I pray the best for her and all my wonderful friends I have. We will meet again someday with victory in our hands.

And as for me, I arrived at UTP today at 5.30 pm. I was driving Tasha's MyVi and the road had been kind to me as the traffic is not congested like those from the north bound as people are making their last minute journey back to KL from their hometown. Hahahaha~ One thing for sure, do not slow down your car in the right most lane just to see the accident on the other side. Typical Malaysians.

p/s: Datanglah semangat belajar~

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kynnhs said...

good for meng.i want the pictures of her later.dont forget to claim 'something' from her next time you meet her..hahaha xsempat nak ckp farewell arituh.blank.hehe dont drive in high speed la..nak kene saman ke