Thursday, 21 February 2008

Those were the days

Feeling so bored in my room. So, I just flipped one of my picture albums and was attracted to these pictures. These were the pictures of my schoolmates (in the so called 'gay' school, hahah~ we are always in gay-mind your English before making any assumptions!). We are on our own path and are spread around the globe. So, I just put these pictures just to remind about the life that has significantly mould us to be like what we had achieved today. If you were in these pictures, do drop comments. Huhuhuh~

While waiting for turn to take class photos for SEDAR 2004 magazine. Redax photoshoot. Sape2 yg gamba die tpotong tu bleh gak komen kalo korg kenal diri sniri walaupon separoh. Hahaha~

Ni pon time Redax photoshoot rasenye. Hahaha~ Mind d topi I worn. Ade smpi skang. Huhuh~ Sorg dlm gamba ni da jadik pilot. Huhuhu~ MH: Malaysian Hospitality. Laen2 maseh blaja, locally n abroad.

Wind Orchestra, waiting for the participating school contingents to arrive. Kire keje usher la nieh. Cikun is now in Japan.

The Wind Orchestra Crews 2004. Bile malam, kalo peserte xde training, ade wat karaoke. Gamba ni lpas karaoke. Technical crew pny time la nk mlalak. Hehehe~

Tu je utk kali ni. Kalo ade gamba2 yg aku rase best nnt aku upload lg. Hehehe~

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