Thursday, 14 February 2008

February 14th of Cirit

Some say today is the day of love (bluerkh!). Is it? I don't think so. If it so, it justifies that only today we love what we love. We should love anybody or anything that we love every time right? After all, why we have to follow the wrong culture from other religion? We have our own identity in expressing love, right? Enough talking about love, today is the continuity of my bad stomach day (not bad hair day, my hair is not that long ;)). I wrote this blog while waiting to reply the nature's call for the fourth time. There's no other place I attended to today except toilet. The diarrhea is finally showing the symptom although I have started the medication (stomach ache and diarrhea pills, some oral re hydration salt). This made me unable to go to class. So irritating. Seems I have to go to UTP clinic to get MC. Damn! I guess I have to stop the post here. It's coming to the edge!

Seorang bijak kan memahami
Cinta bukan dicari di raih
Cintapun hadir sendiri

p/s: Fourth time...

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cikun niz said...

my cirit day is 1 syawal yg lps..huhu..ayam merah kat embassy msia kat tokyo tuh adelah punca tercetusnye letusan gunung berapi kat bghn tertentu kat bdn ak..huhu..

Muhammad Afiq bin Mohd Sadli said...

hahaha~ ayam smelih x tu?

cikun niz said...

ade ke patot embassy masak ayam merah tu awal gle ..ak ingat dlm 5 hari awal ke kot..haha..of kos perit gak la perut ak..malu nama baik msia..dahla ramai tetamu jepun..huhu..