Monday, 18 February 2008

Which one will be my next top printer?

Say goodbye to my Canon MP110 AIO printer (most probably broken print head) and I have these 2 candidates to take the space of my study desk that is currently occupied by the dusty broken MP110. Here are my 2 candidates. Just click on the picture for detailed spec:

Candidate #1: Canon Laser Shot LBP 2900

Price: Approx. RM365 (LYP)
Toner price: RM 169 (Cartridge 303, 2000 pages, 5% paper coverage)
Comment: I like the outlook, all-in-one cartridge design and I know where to get the toner in Ipoh.

Candidate #2: Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 203A

Price: Approx. RM290 (LYP)
Toner price: RM169 (DP203A 2.5K Toner, 2500 pages, 5% paper coverage)
Toner price 2: RM245 (DP203A 12K Toner, 12000 pages, 5% paper coverage)
Comment: Cheaper than Canon, reputable brand but a tad bland.

So guys, what do you all think? Which one should I get? All comments and recommendations are highly appreciated. I will go shopping for one of these printers at Low Yat next week.

p/s: Can't wait...

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Alif Adam said...

whaaaa.. menarik~! satu topic yang tak penah2 aku nak pk.. dilema nak pilih printer. haha~!

dude, ko amik je yang murah, yang ko leyh confirm tak banyak masalah, yang senang nak service + maintain, yang compact (sebab meja kita takde la besa mana pun), and last but not least, yang ringan.

hehe~! aku stuju dgn ko, design canon tuh lawa, but aku tak pk sangat pasal lawa ke tak.. nak letak atas meja je, and bila tgk pun, just for printing purposes. so no point lawa2.

fuji tuh boleyh kira economical sebab harga dia murah, harge toner fuji == toner canon, but u can print more. pastuh kalau ko compare on9, reso 4 fuji is much higher (2400x600 dpi), which is good. aku tatau ape guna 'automatic image refinement' kat canon which somehow increases the dpi from 600x600 to 2400x600.

And, owh yeah, aku perasan, fuji nyer printing speed is 20 ppm~! canon tuh 12 ppm je. haaa.. kalau ko tanya aku, aku amik fuji la. eheheh~! but kene pk la pasal maintaining and service mendalah tu. hehe~! good luck bro~!

Muhammad Afiq bin Mohd Sadli said...

thanx 4 ur comment alif. really appreciate dat. huhuh~ sy maseh menunggu lg pendapat org ramai tentang mane 1 patot dipileh. lg2 musim nk pilehanraye ni kn. tp stakat ni, ni la vote utk due2 calon stakat ni:

Canon: 5
Xerox: 1

ingat, undi anda adelah rahsie! heheh~

eZ said...

aku nk kirim external harddisk~
*lari dari topik*

Muhammad Afiq bin Mohd Sadli said...

kalo ade duitnye jalan saja~