Thursday, 14 February 2008

Hectic day, ESU talk and cirit~

It was a hell of a day today (Wednesday) for me. I woke up to go to class at 8.15 am and prepare myself for lectures. The class started at 9 but I have to go early to submit EMT assignment that was due at 10. Then I have EMT lecture from 11 to 1 and Analogue tutorial from 1 to 2. At 3, I attended the usual boring talk by ESU at the Chancellor Hall. So, I just perform my solat Zuhur at the Undercroft's surau. The talk is nothing but to remind us about the consequence management and bla bla... After the talk, I have Communication Systems replacement lectures from 5 to 6. And for the whole day I had upset stomach. Cirit... and until now. I hope it will end soon. Tak tahan dah.

p/s: Food that enters my stomach is equal to the waste that come out. Adeh~

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