Saturday, 19 July 2008

Me and Fish Keeping Hobby

I always have keen interest in fish keeping. I often google for tips on keeping fish in aquarium. I have an aquarium back at home with 8 african cichlids. I have certain criteria on choosing the fish. I don't like gold fish, I'm more to rare tropical freshwater fish like african cichlids. If I have bigger aquarium, I want to put black ghost knife fish. The main features of this fish is that they can swim vertically and swim horizantally while their body is completely vertical. Ana calls them 'axis fishes', as in the Cartesian axis (x,y,z) and yes, they can swim backwards too. As for african cichlids, they have a large number of colourful variants. These colourful features usually can only be seen in saltwater fishes only. These fishes are quite hardy and can live in community of their own. So, putting them in a school of 8 like I do, with the variation of colours like bright yellow, electric blue and orange really live up the tank. But beware, african cichlids are not 'social', so keep only this type of fish if you have small aquarium like me. Rest assured, putting them only is enough to make your tank beautiful. The passion of keeping fish does not end at home, I also keep a betta spelenden (Siamese fighting fish) in my room at UTP. It is purple with shades of white at the end of the fins. It is very beautiful and feed mostly on dried tubifex worm cubes.

My african cichlids tank at home

P/s: somehow I feel like breeding the betta.

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