Sunday, 13 July 2008

Save more with Hydrofuel

The recent fuel price hike has made NGV system is so popular among road users in Malaysia. Despite the expensive installation cost, NGV system has proven to give the road users to save up to 70% on fuel expenses. The drawbacks of this system are the big and heavy gas tank need to be installed that eats up the boot space, high installation cost, engine's horsepower reduced and extra maintenance is needed for the engine and the system.

Well, with the ingenuity of a local engineer, Dr. Halim has created a new system that can reduce the fuel consumption up to 50% minus all the drawbacks offered by NGV system. The system is called Hydrofuel. Hydrofuel is basically comprises of three components, the Hydrofuel module, the water tank and the electronic gauge. How it works? Now, recall your secondary school science. The basic principle of this system is to inject hydrogen rich air to the engine's intake, increasing the content of hydrogen in the fuel as fuel is hydrocarbon. The fuel consumption is reduced as the combustible hydrogen content now is richer, so less fuel is needed. How can we get the hydrogen? It is as similar as the hydrolisis process where it breaks the tap water into oxygen and hydrogen. But in Hydrofuel system, the hydrolisis process is done using high-frequency electric pulse found the Hydrofuel system. Then the hydrogen is fed to the airbox of the engine and go straight to the cylinder. The hydrogen production rate is proportional to the engine's RPM, so don't worry about explosion from the hydrogen gas. The 5 liter water tank placed at the boot of the car can lasts up to 2000 km usage, depending on the driving characteristic. As the installation is totally external does not involve with the original engine system itself, the car's warranty is not void upon installing this system while theoretically maintaining the engine's performance. Rejoice, drivers!

This is where the water is breaks up into hydrogen and oxygen

The water tank placed in the car's boot

This little device informs the driver about water level and system's status

Technical aside, this system comes in two packages, namely Hydrofuel Basic and Hydrofuel Advance. Hydrofuel Basic is expected to be tagged at RM 1300 and can be used with carburetor and EFI (electronic fuel injection) engine. Hydrofuel Advance is expected to retail at around RM 2300++ and is meant only for EFI engine. The installation time is expected to take around 2-3 hours depending on the car. Both packages is only for engine less than 2000cc for now. Future research is underway for the engine with higher capacity. These product is yet to be launched and still under the process of testing and getting approval from JPJ and Puspakom. They are expected to be on sale around September this year.

Hydrofuel system in Proton Wira's engine bay

Hydrofuel in Proton Savvy's compact and cramped engine bay

Hydrofuel paired with the latest CamPro engine in Proton Gen2

Another product from this company is MySmart Fuel Saver. This little device is expected to provide up to 18% on fuel saving. The device corrects the reading from the engine sensors before the data is fed to the car's ECU (engine computer unit). This result in more accurate data acquisition and allow the ECU to work efficiently and reduces fuel consumption. This device is on sale now with the price tag of RM 499 (currently on promotion of RM 399). This device can be paired with Hydrofuel Basic system later to get the fuel saving up to 50%. MySmart Fuel Saver is only for EFI engine.

MySmart Fuel Saver installed in Proton Gen2

For more info, you can visit the headquarters in Sg. Emas, Banting or visit their website (still under construction).

Hydrofuel headquarters in Banting, Selangor

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