Thursday, 17 July 2008

Sekolah Kluster and Universiti Apex

Feeling bored in my room. So I just browsed the net, I dropped by at government-biased newspaper Utusan to update myself with current issue. As usual, reading the local politic news article is undoubtedly government-biased, I clicked on 'Pendidikan' (Education) section. I learnt that my beloved Alma-mater, Sekolah Dato' Abdul Razak (class of 2000-2004) had been listed as one out of 30 schools that is receiving 'Sekolah Kluster' title. With this recognition, the schools are entitled to apply for financial support worth up to RM 500,000 from the government to implement the predetermined programs or activities. This is a very good sign for SDAR to step up the school's reputation and achieving excellence in education. Full news link here.

As for Universiti Teknologi Petronas (where I currently studying) has undergone selection process for 'Universiti Apex' program. This status will give the enlisted university to have autonomous power in financial, procurement scheme, management, student enrolment, high committee and tuition fees price. I hope UTP will be selected into this program as the result can be made known this August. I was informed that my friend Nasrul from Civil Engineering had presented a presentation to the selection panels regarding the Civil Engineering Department. I am very proud since I belongs to these two education institutions. Read the news here.

P/s: Once a SDARian, always a SDARian. Proud to be a UTPian!

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