Thursday, 17 July 2008

Printing Your Own Graph Paper

Being in engineering study requires me to use a lot of graph paper for plotting the result graph in my weekly lab reports. I find it hard to get graph paper of my choice since logarithmic graph paper is very rare in the market. I always use logarithmic scale for my electrical and electronic engineering assignment and lab reports. I wish I could print the graph paper from my own printer. Well, I found this Graph Paper Printer software from the Internet. You may visit the authors page here and the best part is, it is a FREEWARE! This little software allows you to print various type of graph paper available. Even so, you may create your own custom graph paper too! The software is simple and pretty self-explanatory. A minimum printer's resolution of 600dpi is required, compatible with all printers available in the market now. Download this little software now and save the unnecessary spending of buying graph paper.

The simple yet comprehensive software interface

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