Saturday, 17 January 2009

Final FAT

The last FAT for MOQ genset was conducted yesterday at our very own fabrication yard. I was directly involved in the procedure, assisting Mr. Zamir and take up readings (phase currents, frequency and phase voltage). The representatives from SDE (Sime Darby Engineering – contractor) and MOQ (Maersk Oil Qatar – client) were also present to witness the test.

It is basically a load test using resistive load banks to simulate the real potential of this emergency diesel generator at the oil platform during power outage. At first, everything went well up to 100% of rated load and then went astray when trying to reach to 110% load. The SGPS team suggested that the bad quality fuel was the culprit. This is because, during the unofficial FAT, the genset can cope with 110% load for one hour with problem with the previous batch of diesel.

So, the highest we can achieve that day is 108%. The delivery is scheduled on Sunday and the problem can be rectified when the good quality diesel is available.

Busy at work, heheheh~

Muhammad Afiq Ahmad Mustaza, Muhammad Afiq Mohd Sadli and Haslan

Zopak at the scene

With Mr. Halib, the chief of the yard (he is qualified to do 3-phase wiring, cool!)

Our aim was to achieve 2540 Amps without problem...

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