Monday, 5 January 2009

Waja woes and Photowhoring

Last weekend had been a tough weekend for me. I was down with flu, neck ache and upset tummy. I cannot stop myself from frequent the toilet for the whole weekend. But fortunately, I am recovering now and I don't have to take leave that will cost me my allowance (mate duitan btol).

On the other hand, my dad's Waja had started to join other Waja with the most popular teething problems found in this particular model. During our journey to KL last Saturday, the fuel pump had started to show early indication of malfunctioning. The pump suddenly stopped and cut the fuel supply to the 4G18 engine. My dad was overtaking a car and suddenly the throttle was not responding, the tachometer registered the decrease in engine revs and the transmission automatically shifted to neutral. My dad had to pull over and stop for a while. After several attempts of cranking the engine, it roared to life again. Further inspection at EON Service Centre had confirmed the aforementioned problem.

The Waja continued her way to join the 'club' when the front left power window malfunctioned too. The power window mechanism failed, common Waja problem. I hope this is not the Proton's marketing strategy, built low priced car with the short lifespan of parts and sell it at a whopping price.

And yesterday I went to KL to meet with my friend, Aishah Roslan who is spending her winter break in Malaysia. She is now pursuing her linguistic studies in France. She loves to take photos and owns a D40x SLR (envy her). Armed with that, we went photowhoring around KL and Mines while I shared my knowledge in photography so that she can make full use of her SLR. Thanks for the outing and I really enjoyed that. :)

p/s: Slowly recovering and no pix since we had been busy taking other pictures. Heheh~


AISHAH roslan said...

salam. beb. betulkan summer hols tu. it's winter ;)

cikun said...

kete rosak xpe weh..jgn sampai ko pon 'rosak'. hehe..

well..jom makan panadol!!

Muhammad Afiq bin Mohd Sadli said...

har3~ it's corrected, aishah~ heheh~ adeh, tu la, xdpt bwk waja gi keje~ aku naek moto je nih~