Monday, 19 January 2009

Commemorating Warisan 004

I am in the third year of my study in UTP and currently undergoing industrial internship. That means I have been in UTP for four years, starting from July 2005. That also means it has been four years since I left SDAR. How can I forget my beloved alma-mater that has moulded me and provided me platform to be at where I am today. “Once A SDARian is Always A SDARian”, that shall never fade from my soul.

The Warisan 004 members

Today is the day, back in year 2000 when I first enrolled in Sekolah Dato’ Abdul Razak, Seremban. Being a boys’ school, the atmosphere is definitely different but I really cherished the chance that had been awarded to me, that is to study there. My batch was called “Warisan 004” back then. I am lucky to have ‘tasted’ both Jalan Sikamat campus and the current Sungai Gadut campus.


Back in Jalan Sikamat, I cannot forget the Megaway Cendol, G Cybercafe, Mak Ngah’s ‘fly food’ (I only remembered coke susu) and going to Seremban Centrepoint by foot since there are no buses passed by (the yellow Statecoach buses).

In the new campus, everything had been completely changed, positive changes I mean. The ‘lifestyle’ had improved, seniority had been redefined to a better meaning and I really enjoyed my years there. Nothing much can be said for the new campus as it is very secluded, restricting our access to the outer world compared to the Jalan Sikamat campus (SMS Seremban now). Our hope relied on taxi to get us to Seremban, the buses were rarely seen and we had rubber and palm oil plantations flanking us. The best thing for me there is the Merdeka Walk, hosting the Wind Orchestra for three consecutive years and cross-country. Yes, we really mean cross-country since our track were the mixture of tarmac in front of our school, then entered the palm oil plantation, climbing up the hill and descended to the rubber plantation before reaching to the finishing point at our school. Not to forget, Nasi Goreng Warden (Waha’s are the best, Langay is OK too), RM 1.50 with chicken to fill our stomach for supper.

With Nenek, our lagendary science teacher~


You can easily spot where Munawar is (yawning)

Cikun n Hadi semasa muda

Today, everything has changed. That includes my fellow Warisan comrades as well. Today we are scattered around the globe, locally and abroad, pursuing studies in various disciplines in various languages (Japanese, Germany, French, English, and Russian, to name a few). I’m really proud of you guys. Hope we can meet again reminiscing our nostalgic moments in our beloved alma-mater. I dedicate this post to my fellow Warisan 004 and I’m wishing all of you a happy and prosperous life, now and in the future. I’d really appreciate if you guys can share the most remembered moment back in SDAR by commenting this post. :)

Lack of sleep

With Mr. Rauhi

Warisan 004 farewell dinner, remember her? Hehehe~

Principals of SDAR during my time

2000 : Hj. Hasmy Mohd Yunus
2002 : Mohd Rauhi Mohd Isa
2004 : Hj. Azam Hj. Md. Atan

My class teachers

2000 : 1 Ungku Omar – En. Mohd Nasser
2001 : 2 Ungku Omar – Cik Zakiah
2002 : 3 Ungku Omar – Ustaz Rahman a.k.a Bagak
2003 : 4 Al-Razi – Ustazah Minah
2004 : 5 Al-Razi – Ustazah Suratina

My dorms

2000 : A5
2001 : A11
2002 : C15
2003 : C6
2004 : C6

p/s: Berilmu Untuk Berjasa


cikun said...

hoho..aku bangga ng ko.sko memang btol2 menghargai batch kite..

sama cam ko, SDAR lah yg telah mendidik kita sehingga kita sampai tahap di mana kita berada sekarang.

Cendol Megaway and the likes..the best things in the world.

dan jugak HM Rauhi, aku bangga dia jadi HM aku.

kat SDAR jugak kita belajar sama2, dan aku jugak nampak macamana ko membesar dari umur 13 sampai la sekarang..dari ko yang berhingus, sampai la dah macho skg merempit kat banting sampai UTP..hehe..

I'll always love my Warisan 004.
forever..tak lupa jugak awek yg last tu..TAKKAN LUPA SAMPAI BILA2!!LOL.

BTW, great post!!

Muhammad Afiq bin Mohd Sadli said...

hahaha~ Rauhi mmg d best tp aku ltak gambo azam tu utk balancekan jer~ mane la tau die or sape2 bace blog ni kan, then bgtau kat die, trase ati dier~ hak3! n lg 1, gamba awek waitress Pan Pac tu aku ltak supaye post ni xnmpk ghey sgt~ har3!

cikun said...

ghey??haha we'll WERE ghey!!hehe