Sunday, 18 January 2009

MOQ Delivery Day

Today I have sacrificed my weekend to join the delivery process of MOQ 1600 KVA genset to Pasir Gudang. The work includes moving the genset to the open space in front of Bay 1 so that the big crane can be hooked up to lift up the 60 tonnes genset on to the trailer. The work took the whole day but I thanked Allah as everything is going as planned without any accidents or mishaps. Then we treat ourselves with Shakey’s pizzas to celebrate our success.

The crane used to lift up the genset

Taking out the genset out the Bay 1

Hooked up to the crane

Placing it on the trailer

Wrapped and ready to go!

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zopakkun said...

keep updating this blog so u wont have to do final report...kasi link neh kat lecturer sudey ~