Friday, 9 January 2009

Setting up PPPoE dialer using Windows XP

Actually I made this post for Aishah who is having difficulties to set up Streamyx dialer for her laptop. After an attempt of guiding her over the phone had failed (sorry, I'm not that good guiding people over the phone), I hope this guide can help Aishah and also my fellow blog readers.

Just a quick introduction, PPPoE stands for Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet. Sekian.

Onto the guide part:

1. Go to Start, and click Control Panel

2. In the Control Panel window, locate Network Connection and double click it.

3. You should now be in the Network Connection window.

4. In that window on the left Network Task should have two option:

(a) Create a new connection

(b) Set up a home or small office network

Choose (a) Create a new connection

5. The New Connection Wizard will Pop-up

• Click Next

• Choose "Connect to the Internet" and Next.

• Choose "Set up my connection manually" and Next.

• Choose "Connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name
and password" and hit Next.

•Type in Streamyx and click Next

•Fill the User name : eg, Streamyxuser@streamyx
Password : xxxxxxxxx
Confirm Password : xxxxxxxx

Leave the All the box checked Unless you have a Firewall Already running
eg. Zone alarm is installed, Be sure to UNCHECK "Turn on the internet Connection Firewall for this connection".

Click Next.

6. Check the Add a shortcut to this connection to my Desktop, and click Finish

7. Click Connect, and you should be connected to the Internet.

p/s: I hope you will be benefited from this Aishah. Good luck! :)

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AISHAH roslan said...

salam. thanks beb! btw, still xleh connect. uhu.