Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The birth of F9JT-A genset for Kumang Cluster

I would like to apologize to my fellow reader that I have skipped to this week's happening where I have not fulfill my promise to bring you the last week happenings. But don't worry, I will post that up ASAP as I have all the materials available for posting. Just wait for it ya!

The highlight is the birth of F9JT-A 108kWe / 135 kVA @ 0.8 p.f diesel emergency generator set last Tuesday at SG Fabrication yard in Jalan Kebun. This genset is for PETRONAS's Kumang Cluster Development projects and were delivered to the client on the same day. I consider this as my first 'baby' since I was directly involved in the development of this Cummins engine powered genset from ground up. But this baby is the 'masterpiece' of 3 lads including me, Zopak and Zul. So it is like Mamma Mia movie situation. Hahahha~

F9JT-A 108 kWe genset

The engine is from Cummins, being able to deliver a maximum power of 162 HP driving a four pole Leroy Somer synchronous generator. This baby passed our FAT (factory acceptance test) effortlessly with record of running at 110% load for 2 hours without hiccup. I feel very happy since I'm one of the development team for this genset. My overtime works really paid off.

The daddies. From left: Me, Zul and Zopak

Next week, we will be working on assembling the next genset with the same power rating and specifications bearing the tag of KUJT-A for the same project. For Kumang Cluster, PETRONAS ordered three DEG from us with 2 of them are 108 kWe using Cummins engine and a 1200 kWe powered by MTU engine. I hope I can complete these projects without much problems with the help of my fellow colleague at SGPS. :)

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