Monday, 16 March 2009

Rangkuman Minggu Lepas

This can be considered a crappy post so I hope you can forgive me for that. Hehehe.

I finally managed to procure my ‘dream’ phone, Nokia 5320 at last! Itu pon setelah OT xhengat dan claim travel yang agak banyak. RM 760 changed hand for this Symbian 3rd Edition Series 60 phone with 4 GB microSD card 3G Phone. Habis dalam masa 15 minit sahaje. Huhuhu~ Xpela, dapat jua akhirnya.

The packaging, lain dari yang lain



My dad’s Waja is finally out of the workshop last two weeks. Back as new, without my dad’s student artwork since the bonnet had been replaced with a new one. So the outlook has really changed. I am very glad! Huhuhu~

Free from scratches and 'artworks'

Newly replaced headlamps, bumper and bonnet

Taken using my Nokia 5320 XM phone on highest resolution

p/s: Sorry for the crappy post. :P

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