Friday, 27 March 2009


Yesterday, I went to KLCC to hand over the keys for MCOT (Miri Crude Oil Terminal) project of PETRONAS Carigali. It was short and brief meeting with the representative of PCSB and the keys changed hand. Since the sky of KL was overcast and I went there by motorcycle, I decided to take a walk around KL before going back to the office.

I called Hazmi for a lunch and he agreed to meet at Midvalley Megamall. So, I went out of KLCC and go to Midvalley by LRT and then changed to KTM Komuter from KL Sentral to Midvalley. We agreed to meet because he was with his girlfriend, Shera and she is a good friend of mine too. Both of them are currently pursuing Electrical & Electronic Engineering in Japan so the chance to meet them should not be missed.

I bought CHIP Magazine from Kinokuniya KLCC to fill up my time on the LRT. I saw an empty seat next to an African guy and sit beside him. Then he warmly greeted me and we shook hand. So, we had quite a conversation and he introduced himself as an Accountancy student from UTM and hails from South Africa. His name is Hafeez and we talked about his 8-months life in Malaysia and praised UTP for the academic excellence and his South African student there, bla bla bla... >>Fast forward. Suddenly he asked me for RM10 with the name of Islamic fraternity and brotherhood. Hah! I've expected this so I refused him nicely and went out of the train when I reached KL Sentral. Sometimes, we need to be suspicious of people around us and we already heard bad things about the Africans in Malaysia. He might be true about seeking help but I have to keep myself away from unwanted risks. This is another good experience for me and I feel more confident to roam KL alone. The key is, never take yourself to the secluded place (back alleys, place with no people around etc.) alone and always be cautious with the people we don't know.

p/s: Typical Africans...

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