Monday, 24 August 2009

808.8 + 80.0 = 888.8

888.8? What is the significant of this figure? Some of my friends had given their assumption via my Facebook page:

The figure looks gay, at least that's what they said. Does it sounds gay to you?

Ok, let me clear things up. 888.8 translates into 888.8 GB of my current hard disk space in my PC. It consists of two Western Digital S-ATA hard disks, the 80.0 GB Caviar and the recently owned 808.8 GB Caviar Green. Previously, my PC faced a very serious disk space issues so the acquiring of new hard disk solves my problem. Currently 3 of the S-ATA ports on my MSI 915P motherboard are occupied; 2 are used by the HDDs and 1 is connected to S-ATA Pioneer DVD burner.

Setting up the new hard disk was a breeze. Then, I backed up all of my files at second partition of the old hard disk to the newly formatted 808.8 GB hard disk. To obtain a significant boost of performance, I have reformatted and departitioned the old hard disk to be used as primary location where I installed my Windows XP SP2. Now, I have one whole 80.0 GB space specially assigned to install all my software. Most importantly, I installed the Microsoft Office 2007 suites and MATLAB 7.1 R14 software as my specialization in Power Systems require me to do power flow analysis that involves iterations using Gauss-Siedel and Newton-Raphson methods. MATLAB is very great mathematical tool that can do the jobs for me, and for that it requires large disk space and processing power to complete the complex and lengthy iterations.

However, I noticed a significant lag in my PC although I have just fresh install the WinXP. I suspect the RAM is the bottleneck here as my current RAM is only 1 GB made up of 2x512 MB DDR2 RAM sticks running in dual channel mode. I think my next step of improving the performance of my PC is to upgrade the RAM to 2 GB (2x1 GB on dual channel). I might opt to go for 4 GB of RAM but since I am not going to use Vista, installing 4 GB of RAM would be pointless since WinXP only detect up to 3.5 GB of RAM. Only after that I can think of procuring new 1 TB HDD to make full use of the available 4 S-ATA ports on my motherboard. Hehehe...~

Working in Tandem: The 80.0 GB HDD (bottom) and the 808.8 GB HDD inside my PC

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