Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Most Awaited Thursday

I always wait for Thursday to come. It is like the 3rd day of my weekend, sort of. This because I only have one lecture on this day and it starts at 3 p.m. That means I can wake up late (although it is no later than 9 a.m since I am trying to be morning person now, hahaha...). This week's Thursday is as torturing as always since I am still struggling to survive in UTP due to ESU arrogance and foolishness for holding my monthly allowance (and so the rest of my colleagues who are returning from industrial internship) until the result comes out.

Enough of that crap, I tried to divert my anger to anything related to blogging. This is the only thing possible to do in this snailing-slow UTP internet connection. That includes posting something on my blog and bloghopping. While doing this, I noticed something when I surf these blogs. I always watch their language style when writing to their blogs. As for me, I think the authors should use proper language when writing posts on their blogs. No bahasa rojak (mixing languages) in the posts. I have my utmost respects when reading posts that have no mixing of languages although the post is totally crappy ones. What I mean is, it is better to use either fully English or fully Bahasa Malaysia in the posts. That will give the author some dignity and shows the level of proficiency of the languages. If you really need to use the terms from other languages, you may do so by properly quoting it or italicized it. Some of them also assimilates words of other languages into the other languages indiscriminately. The most obvious situation is borrowing some words in English and change the spelling to sound like Bahasa Malaysia. Here I would like to share with you some of the examples and the suggestion to replace it. I am not a master of languages nor the moving Oxford dictionary nor moving Kamus Dewan. But I hope through blogging, we can help to give the language some identity. I am not opposing the use of some terms in English to be borrowed into Bahasa Melayu especially terms that are related to science and technology, but the examples below are the common words that has their own words in Bahasa Melayu:

appreciation => appresiasi = penghargaan
conclusion => konklusi = kesimpulan
consumption => konsumsi = penggunaan (this is funny word that is blindly 'borrowed')
family => famili = keluarga

These are the most common words that need not to be assimilated into other languages. They have their own definition in respective language. Mind our language. Thank you.

p/s: Looping on Hujan, Mencari Konklusi. Haish, I can't resist the catchy beat...

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