Sunday, 9 August 2009

Rempiting Back Again

Pardon for the 'rojakness' of this post and it's title. :P Today I will be embarking on 300 km journey back to UTP since my campus was sealed for 1 week due to H1N1 case. I will be riding my BJG3564 bike and hoping for good weather throughout the journey. Amin~

Roadtax: CHECKED
Battery: CHECKED
Tyre pressure: CHECKED (29 psi - front, 32 psi - rear)
Oil level: CHECKED
Backpack: CHECKED (and heavily stuffed)
Money: CHECKED (emergency capital injection from my mom & dad - skoler xmasok lg, ampehs!)

I think, everything is in order right now. The route to the deserted Tronoh is via North - South highway. Rempit!

My Deuter Gogo Brown Check. Ready to travel without much backpains~

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cikun said...

safe journey bro!!