Sunday, 23 August 2009

Shopping Spree!!!

Today I go back to UTP again since I have lectures on Monday. I departed at about 9.30 a.m and arrived at UTP at about 3.00 p.m. Why I am taking so long to arrive at UTP? Yup, I went to Low Yat Plaza in KL to do some shopping! Here are my shopping bill:

  1. Western Digital WD8088AADS 808.8 GB S-ATA Hard Disk : RM 235.00
  2. VZTEC Bluetooth USB Dongle : RM 20.00
  3. Kingmax UD-02 8 GB USB thumbdrive : RM 55.00
  4. Kingmax Super Stick 2 GB USB thumbdrive : RM 24.00
  5. Buffalo Mini Station HD-PFU2 320 GB External Hard Disk : RM 230.00 (for Aiza)
When I arrived at my room in UTP, Qadir told me that the printer toner is running out of ink. Also, I forgot to but a new S-ATA cable for my new hard disk! Therefore, I called Aiza who was in Ipoh to do the shopping for me. So, my shopping bill adds up:

  1. Canon Cartridge 303 Laser Printer toner : RM 195.00
  2. S-ATA interface cable : RM 5.00
Total spent = RM 534.00 (excluding Aiza's external HDD)

Verdict: Totally satisfied with the purchase.

I need a new hard disk since my current WD 80 GB hard disk has very serious storage space issues. I need a new one primarily to allow me to work with engineering softwares like MATLAB that requires huge storage space. As for the thumbdrive, I need a new ones since my last SanDisk Cruzer U3 went kaput. My selection of Buffalo HD-PFU2 portable HDD is because it offers shock protection, faster transfer rate with TurboUSB technology and wrap-around cable that is very useful in managing the USB cable. These features, especially the shock protection and cable management is very suited to sloppy nature of Aiza. No offense here :P

So, I better do autopsy on my PC to install the new hard disk drive (HDD) and partition it to suit my requirements. :)

Always use genuine toner for my LBP2900 laser printer

Kingmax Super Stick footprint is smaller than my room key!

This brick should keep me satisfied for quite some time... Hehehe...