Thursday, 11 December 2008

Blood fest (not literally)

Usually, Aidil Adha is not celebrated as big as we celebrate Aidil Fitri. No new raya outfit (usually we just recycle the aidil fitri outfit) nor new footwears. But, the highlights of Aidil Adha is Qurban where the cows are slaughtered to express one's gratefulness to Allah for the 'rezeki' bestowed upon them. Then the meat will be divided according to the predetermined proportions and distributed to the needy. I was also joined the Qurban ceremony helping them to skin out the cows. There was 4 cows slaughtered that day. Although there was raining heavily, but Alhamdulillah we managed to get the job done by 1 o'clock. Unfortunately, it also cost me my hand. I cut my left middle finger (nice finger to get cut huh?) with my knife when I was sharpening it. Huhuh~

Let da blood fest begins!

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