Monday, 22 December 2008

Community Game

Yesterday, the residents committee of Taman Sri Putra, Banting (that's where I live) held a community games. The games are football for men and netball for women. There are three persons of my family took part in netball. They are my mom, and my sisters; Haziqah and Wajihah. The game start at about 10 o'clock in the morning and there are three teams took part in the game. I came down to the pitch to support the team manned by my family members. Although they've lost in all the 3 games (by a very thin hair), everybody seems happy with this activity as they can mingle around with the people around the neighbourhood. And I must salute to the makciks including my mom who played the netball for their skills in the game and can even outperformed the younger player in the team. There was really hidden talents there. Heheh... Njoy some snapshots I've captured:

Mak was trying to score

Always play in GS position

Haziqah (orange, white shirt) and Wajihah (orange, teal shirt

Intense game

Mak tried to strategize the team during halftime break

From left: My dad, Nina, Haziqah and Wajihah

p/s: Berjaye maintain berat badan at 50kg~ next target, 51kg~ huhuh~

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