Friday, 26 December 2008

PD Trip 2008

My excitement of going to Port Dickson (PD) last Wednesday cannot be concealed anymore. Right at 6.00 p.m., I punched out from office and sped my dad's Kembara all the way from my office in Kota Kemuning to The Regency Hotel, PD (they stay there). I arrived there after 90 minutes drive using the ELITE highway, took the KLIA exit and drive via Sepang-Bukit Pelandok-PD route. I have no problem to find the hotel that is situated in Tg. Tuan as it is located by the main road. I had dinner prepared by my mom and my aunt (it was a 2-families holiday). The salad was nice and tasted good. Then we went to Dataran Teluk Kemang and there was a performance by the Army's band and Nas Adila (anyone have any clue who she is?). The band performed with full energy and I was really enjoyed to their energetic performance compared to Nas Adila's. The performance started to get boring when Nas Adila was performing and we made our move back to the hotel. When I arrived at the hotel, I quickly changed from my office attire to shorts and shirts. Then I jump straight to the swimming pool and dip my body there (although the pool had closed). After swimming for about 45 minutes, I went up and prepared to sleep.

Boring faces at Dataran Teluk Kemang

With my siblings and cousins

On the next day, I had breakfast with my family. Then we went to the pool and had a great time there. I had my oppurtunity to swim in the pool and the beach nearby. Then we packed up and checked-out from the hotel in the afternoon. Before we went back home, we visited the Muzium Tentera Darat in Port Dickson. I took pictures with the weaponries like the anti-air gun, armoured car and aeroplane exhibited there. I was also visited the Terowong PKM (communist party of Malaya tunnel) that exhibited the real situation inside communist tunnel and there was some dioramas to give a clearer picture how they lived inside the tunnel during the emergency period. After the visit, we had our lunch in PD town. Before we made our move home, we visited Muzium Lukut. This museum exhibit the history and culture of Negeri Sembilan. Then we headed back home.

At the museum's entrance

On the armoured car with my cousin, Naqib

Inside the tunnel with the 'communist'

Rempiting on the army's bike!

The families...

Muzium Lukut

It was a really enjoyable for me but unfortunately, I have to work today. I wish I could extend my holiday today, it is Friday! So sleepy since the office is sooooo deserted.

p/s: Finally I got my chance to drive Waja on the way home yesterday. And the fresh tires (Continental ComfortContact 1 195/55R16 85V) performed very well in the corner despite their 'Comfort' nature. No more tail-happy Waja after this. Hehehe~

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