Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Buat baik dibalas baik , Insya Allah

Two days ago, I went to KLCC to do some works there. I was riding my motorbike using the Kesas Highway. When I approached the Kewajipan Interchange, I saw a man in his mid 50's (I think) fell from the bike. He explained that he was unable to control his bike when approaching a speed bump after exiting the corner nearby. I pulled over to check on that pakcik and I was glad he was okay and the damage on his bike wasn't so severe. I helped him to lift the bike and I can't shift the gear to neutral. Fearing that the fall had affected the gearbox, I tried several times and luckily it can be shifted to neutral again. The pakcik keep thanking me for the small deed I had done for him. Then I shook hand with him before leaving him there and continued my journey to KLCC.

I arrived at KLCC at about 4 p.m., get my job done and I met Nik who is doing his internship there. He treated me with cendol at BSN building nearby. The cendol tastes good, thanks dude! Then, I performed my Asar prayer before meeting her at 5.30 p.m. We had our drink (actually it was just me drinking) and had a little chat. Although the chat did not went so well, but I really appreciate the time we had and I can clarify on some issues. Thanks for that.

With Nik at KLCC

On the next day, I came to work as usual driving Kancil (xlarat nk bwk moto after pegi KLCC ari seblomnye). It was a hectic day for me as they are performing FAT (factory acceptance test) for MOQ Genset. Due to some technical glitches, the test can only be performed in the afternoon. So, to kill the time, we, the interns went to Jaya Jusco Bukit Tinggi. Then we had our lunch at Bukit Badak, performed the Zuhur prayer and went back to the yard for the test. Still, the test cannot be done that day since the hot fuel had caused the genset unable to reach the desired efficiency. So, we were doing some modifications to cool down the fuel before feeding it to the MTU engine. En. Zamir (my supervisor), had instructed me and Zopak to design the MCB (miniature circuit breaker) box holder for the MOQ genset. He was kind enough to provide us with our own working tools (screw drivers, test pen, plier and measuring tape) to make our job easier. He gave us RM100 to shop for the new tools. Thanks En. Zamir! Hehehe~

The enclosure box for the MCB

p/s: I still believe with 'Buat baik dibalas baik' eventhough the current situation is clearly not on my side. I just need to stay strong and be patient. Amin~

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