Sunday, 14 December 2008

Nostalgic Seremban

I've been in Seremban for 5 years during my secondary years in SDAR. Yesterday, I managed to come back there and visit the nostalgic town of mine which has developed tremendously compared to the last 8 years. I managed to capture some pictures around the town and I hope all of you will enjoy them! :)

Town of Seremban

Newly built Dataran Seremban (I guess?)

Terminal 1 facelifted

The biggest pool in the town... Hehehe...

KM Plaza

Water fountain at Dataran Seremban

Dewan MPS... Theatre 'Kerusi' was played here when I was in Form 4

Padang MPS... We cheered for our football team before lost to STAD in 2001

Nice sceneries

Seremban Parade

Wisma Punca Emas, a big no-no for us back then... Hehehe~

P/s: xsempat nk visit sekolah n xsempat nk amek gamba Tong Fong... Hehehe~

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Rez said...

my beloved hometown, after Tulsa, Oklahoma and Bukit Indah..hehe