Friday, 27 January 2012

Kepala Buto Kau!

Shocking, isn't it? Since when I dare to curse publicly over the Internet? Although I admit that I sometimes cursing when having a conversation with my gay male friends.

Not bad for a noob in photoshopping the logo, but I believe SDARian can do better than this :P

Nah, this post is not about me cursing but about an underage boy who open up a group defaming my beloved alma-mater, Sekolah Dato' Abdul Razak (SDAR). He might be having some issues with the boy(s) from my school but I believe the view of Bazli Hijan (his FB profile link here), the group creator does not represent the view of all Royal Military College (RMC) students out there. The group page of Kami anti SDAR can be accessed here.

The page was created on 26 January 2012

This is totally childish act by the group creator. In fact, there are some of the boys from RMC do not agree with this boy's act. This shows some of the kids still have some common sense intact to their brains. And for that, you have my respect.

The not-so-jambu group creator :P

Feedbacks from fellow SDARAs (the old boys) are mixed, some prefer to ignore and some urged other fellow SDARAs to report the group to Facebook admin. Nonetheless, we are agreed not to take any retaliatory act upon the group or RMC boys. I hope the boys (our juniors) at school will do the same too.

I'd love to quote Rauhi Isa, my school principal from 2001 until 2003 said, "Orang hebat memang ramai yang dengki" or "Great people is often envied by others".

I shall now let the seniors and students from RMC to rectify this shameful act from one of their rotten apple.

Berilmu Untuk Berjasa!