Monday, 30 January 2012

Rage Against the Rodents

Lately, my sleep had been disturbed by squealing noise of mouses that 'invaded' my house. After a week of investigation, I had identified two mouses were residing inside my room. To avoid further damage to my properties, I had monitored the mouses' route and set up a trap.

So today after work I went to the local hardware shop to buy mouse trap. I have been offered with two options, rat's glue or mouse trap. I've decided to go with rat's glue method and bought the super sticky glue at RM5.00 per can.

Fuji Glue costs RM 5.00

The result? One mouse was trapped after 2 hours of the trap placement. The only drawback of using glue is the strong smell of glue. I've placed the trap and went to Fitri's house to watch the lame Anugerah Juara Lagu 2012 (AJL 2012) to run away from the smell. I found the mouse trapped the moment I went back from Fitri's house.

First catch!

How about the second mouse? I could not sleep with the strong smell of glue. I would like to give the second mouse a chance to repent and go away from my room by tonight before I set up another trap tomorrow.